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We firmly believe that the Olympic spirit is the essence of human civilization and the Olympic flame is the symbol of peace and friendship

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Young, 42, retired in 2006, after his second stint with the St. Louis Blues. He also played for the Hartford Whalers, the Penguins (won a Cup), the Nordiques, the Avalanche (won another Cup) and the Stars. A forward, Young played in 1,181 games and racked up 342 goals and 415 assists. In 2001, he scored 40 goals for St. Louis.

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I wouldn’t be too surprised to see many of those users flock to the Netflix web site and order their free disk in the days ahead.

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For this painting, I decided to try a new surface: canvas sheets that come sold in pads like sketchbook paper. My plan is to later mount the canvas paintings onto wooden panels that come ready with mounting adhesive and a hook on the back for hanging. The previous paintings done on Bristol paper can be mounted on these panels as well. I really like the look of the canvas although I was unable to get a nice scan of the dry painting done on it.


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